Shanghai Bluesoul Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.

Social Responsibility

Science and technology is committedto environmental protection and establish a national brand for the blue sky.


With the rapid development of theglobal economy, air pollution has become the world's most serious environmental problems, the development of industrialization and urbanization increases rapidly in energy consumption, and air pollution has become increasingly serious. As the main transportation, transportation and operation tools, the ship is the main carrier of global logistics trade, and the emission of the engine is very serious, and it is increasing year by year.

As one of the most effective methods to solve the exhaust gas emission control, the technology has been mastered by the international marine engine manufacturer, and the price is very high. Bluesoul technology researcher and development team to overcome a number of technical problems through decades of pains taking research and testing, and become the domestic first person of the ship's waste gas washing technology" with sodium alkali method.

We will remember our mission, to study and improve the quality of technology constantly, to innovate and constantly optimize the product.With covering all the ship to meet the owners needs depending on the quality of life. Our responsibility is to build the blue sky together.